Patient Feedback

I will never forget your unique, professional and humane attitude towards my room-mate and me. After coming across many, many instances of indifference towards patients, I must say that what I experienced at the Surgical centre is truly a “healing” attitude: an attitude which gives you hope; which can serve as an example for everyone working with people; which encourages you and makes you really appreciate and trust nurses and doctors. Sometimes you are forced to entrust them with the most precious thing you have, although it is usually only in the autumn of life that you become fully aware of what is most precious.

I would like to thank the whole staff for their professionalism and self-sacrificing attitude towards patients. This really gives a sense of homeliness and shows that you are here for us. It is so delightful to see with your own eyes that there are such nice people working in our health care. Thank you all!” – N. R.

My best regards to the medical team of all shifts, who were doing everything in their power to make my stay here safe and comfortable. Their attitude greatly surpasses the “official duty” and they actually succeeded in making my stay here quite pleasant. A sincere thank you for your sincere kindness.” – A. K.

I cannot describe all the good things I am experiencing here. I am grateful beyond words. I am not naming anyone in particular, because you all deserve more than A+ for everything you do. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – M. Č.

“I’ve only stayed in hospital four times in my life – two of those times I was giving birth – so I do not have much experience with hospitals. Still, it has never happened to me that after coming home from hospital my doctor would send me an SMS asking how I felt. I can’t describe with words how good this feels and what a nice surprise it is, when almost everything we hear about our health care are patients criticizing it.” – L. P.

“A very heart-felt thank you to all the doctors and nurses taking great care of me during my hospitalisation. My special thanks goes to Mr Marko Mušič. A pleasant feeling accompanied me home that despite the heavy workload, you care about your patients and try to alleviate their problems with true selflessness and devotion. I greatly appreciate all the care and attention regarding my recovery and well-being after the surgery. I thank you and wish you all the best!” – D. M.

Many thanks to Dr Kenig for his kindness. I believe he is one of the best doctors dealing with ultrasound imaging.”

Two Janjas, Saša, three Marinas and Edin
Are nurses that make patients feel like in Eden.
Hard-working and kind, they are busy as bees,
Measuring temperature, bandaging knees,
Running around, leaving no one behind,
Oh, what to say, they are one of a kind.
– M. M. S.

“I would like to express my deep satisfaction with Dr Planinšek’s expertise and the stay at the Surgical centre. Great credit goes to nurses Edin and Simona, who did a great job, with a great deal of kindness, warmth, encouragement, advice and help. I truly hope that their superiors see and remunerate their deep devotion to their work. Once again, thank you so much.” – P. D.

“My sincere thank you to everyone giving their best and showing a great deal of understanding, humanity and expertise. Such attitude only confirms that in Slovenian health care there are also people who can, and above all, wish to dedicate themselves to helping a patient – a person depending on them. Thanks to every single one of you for making my partner feel comfortable.” – H. M.

“I wish to thank Dr Naglič as well as the nurses for their kindness and a successful surgery. I would also like to ask head of the Surgical centre, Dr Bajec, to let Dr Naglič know how grateful I am to see well again.” – M. Z.

“A year ago, something befell me, which I thought only affects others: I got a heart condition. There are no words and not enough gifts to thank you or rather repay your selfless help, which has enabled me to live a happy life again. Thank you for everything you did for me!” – M. Z.

“I know you receive a lot of mail, so I will be brief. In May, I had a varicose vein surgery at your hospital. Although this was only a routine surgery, it was causing me a lot of worries. What made me feel better was the attitude of your staff: They treated me like human being with a name; I didn’t feel like I was only a number, but an equal participant in the treatment. It was nothing exaggerated, only simple human(e) attitude, and a sense of humour at the right moment. Thank you and stay this way.”

“Dear Surgical centre staff: Even before coming to your hospital, it was clear to me that you are experts, each of you in your specific field. But now, writing this, I thank you most sincerely for everything you have done for me, for truly understanding human pain, and for treating people who turn to you for help in a humane and moral way.”   – A.D.

“It has been a lovely experience! All the best to Dr Matič and nurse Andreja, who operated on me and helped me feel better. Thanks for all the kindness, smiles and kind words, which made at least some of the fear go away. I would also like to thank Dr Bajec for a quick and kind mediation. You all are the best!