25. 3. 2013

2012 National Survey on Patient Experience in Acute Care in Hospitals

Patients put the Surgical centre Rožna dolina on second place once again

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia has once again carried out a survey on patient satisfaction with hospital care in 23 Slovenian hospitals. The survey included 7063 patients, and the data was collected toward the end of 2012. The questions asked were related to admission to the hospital, treatment by doctors and nurses, the course of treatment, the hospital itself and discharge. In all the categories, the Surgical centre Rožna dolina took the second place (after MC Medicor). The patients particularly liked the treatment by the doctors and other medical staff, the course of treatment and the stay at the hospital.

For some years now, the Surgical centre has been ranking among the best hospitals in the country according to patient surveys. The patients who took part in the surveys have all had surgeries performed on the basis of concessions (as fully-insured patients, free of charge), which means that they did not evaluate the Surgical centre as a self-funding patients hospital, but as part of public health service network.