Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The mission of the Surgical centre Rožna dolina is to provide high quality health service and ensure our patients’ well-being. To carry out this mission, we adhere to the following values and qualities:

  • carefully selected and experienced doctors who respect their patients and take the time to listen to their problems;
  • dedication of our nurses as well as the whole medical team, who work hard to enable that our patients have a pleasant, comfortable and safe stay;
  • the belief that health is the greatest wealth and should be treated with responsibility and respect.

Our Vision

We are well aware that the only obstacle that makes it harder to perform our mission is a lack of space. It is our goal to provide service in the way we think is best and meet the expectations of our patients. This is why we are planning to build a new, modern hospital, which will offer more space and comfort for our patients and staff. The new hospital will enable us to perform new types of surgery, establish new clinics and outpatient departments allowing for a truly holistic approach to treatment. The belief behind this vision is that the new hospital will not only be a better and more adequate workspace for our team, but even more importantly, an investment in better health and satisfaction of our patients.