25. 3. 2013

In 2012, the Surgical centre Rožna dolina performed 487 surgical gall bladder removals

According to a study by the Medical Chamber of Slovenia, the Surgical centre Rožna dolina performed 478 surgical gall bladder removals, thus taking the second place in Slovenia as to the number of surgeries performed. The only institution having performed more surgeries (520) was the University Medical Centre Ljubljana. Another, even more important conclusion of the study is that the Surgical centre had the lowest number of days patients spent in hospital before and after the surgery. This is also due to the fact that the surgery takes place the same day as patients arrive at the hospital: they are given enough information on patient preparation by their surgeon and nurse that preoperative hospitalisation is not necessary. We have also managed to decrease the duration of post-operative hospitalisation to 2.7 days after conventional surgery, and 1.94 days after laparoscopic surgery. In other Slovenian hospitals, hospitalisation after conventional surgery takes 5–9 days, and hospitalisation after laparoscopic surgery takes 2–4 days.