Building and Facilities

The Surgical centre Rožna dolina is situated in a peaceful living area in one of the most beautiful parts of Ljubjana.

It is surrounded by a garden, which offers patients a place to stroll around and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Jurij Bajec, the architect, managed to convert an abandoned industrial building into a hospital, which meets all the conditions for modern and high-quality treatment. The creative space solutions enable our patients to have a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Basic information:

  • Surface area of the premises: 1.578 m² (ca. 17.000 ft²)
  • Surface area of the building: 1.756 m² (ca. 19.000 ft²)
  • 25 patients beds (single and double rooms)
  • three operating rooms
  • daytime hospital
  • outpatient clinics
  • Skin Laser Treatment Clinic
  • kitchen
  • X-ray diagnostics facility
  • laboratory
  • parking spaces
  • Ultrasound Diagnostics

The outpatient clinic is where doctors and patients meet for the first time. With a face-to-face consultation, a relationship of trust between the patient and the doctor is established. This is a vital part of any successful surgical treatment.

The Surgical centre has three operating rooms. Two of them are used for major surgeries, and one is used for minor surgeries performed under local anaesthesia. In a separate room, surgical materials and instruments are sterilised.

The centre has ten above-standard patient rooms and a double room for intensive care and post-operative recovery. Each patient room has a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. The rooms have a television and a phone, and most of them also have internet access. Every bed has a bedside table with an over-bed tray, and a wardrobe for clothes and other personal belongings. All rooms are air-conditioned.